Feature Parity

Differences between the Data Center and Cloud App.

We try to keep the Cloud and Data Center versions of the app as similiar as possible. Currently the App versions have the following feature differences.


Macros: Which macros are provided by the app to insert into Confluence pages.Data CenterCloud
Advanced Codeblocks Single Macro
Advanced Codeblocks Remote Macro
Advanced Codeblocks Multi Macro


Macro Configuration: How the macros are inserted and configured in a Confluence page.Data CenterCloud
macro body contains config section and code content combined
config section and code content are separate macro parameters


REST API: Custom REST API Endpoints to use to programatically download codeblocks.Data CenterCloud
List all codeblocks of macro REST Endpoint
Download codeblock REST Endpoint
Download raw codeblock REST Endpoint

* functionality provided as in-browser-only download links (javascript)

Note: Please also have in mind that the Cloud app has Rate Limits.