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If you encounter any problems with the app, have questions or feature wishes you can send an email to prcf@pbqrpybh-fhccbeg.ngynffvna.arg. Or you can simply create a support request in the codeclou support portal. Please be aware of the Privacy Policy Support.

Issue Tracker

To view existing Stories and the Roadmap you can have a look at the use the Issue Tracker.



How to create a Support Request

When creating a support request it is best to include information that helps understand and reproduce the error.

As a minimum of information please always provide the following.

  • Jira Version e.g. 7.5.0

  • Customfield Editor for Jira Version e.g. 1.4.0

  • Database used e.g. PostgreSQL

  • Did you ever manipulate the Database manually with some sort of tool? Yes/No

NOTE: You should grey-out sensitive Information such as baseUrls and optionValues on the screenshots, since the Bug Tracker ist public and you may want to anonymize personal data.

Information to include for Web-Gui Bugs

Please provide detailed screenshots as described below, otherwise it is nearly impossible to pin point the error. Therefore please use Google Chrome and the built in Developer Tools

Open the Developer Tools by right clicking on the page and selecting Inspect. Then select the Network tab and filter by XHR which will only display REST API calls.

Look out for any Non HTTP 200 XHR Requests which are marked red.

Click on the failed XHR requests And provide screenshots of the Network and Response tabs. It is important that all headers are shown in the screenshot and the full response is readable. You can also copy-paste the response of the Response tab as plain text into the issue.

Lastly always provide a screenshot of the Console tab since JavaScript errors will show up there.

Information to include for REST-API Bugs

Please provide the folowing information.

  • Scenario ("what were you trying do do?") e.g. "I wanted to create an option and got an error".

  • Request e.g. the CURL Command or full URL and Payload (json) e.g. "curl -X POST http://foo/jira/...."

  • Response e.g. the Server returned HTTP 503 with subcode 50001 and the message "foo".