New here? Learn how to download and install the app and get more general infos like app licensing, app compatibility, app versioning and release strategy.

Download & Installation

Visit the Atlassian Marketplace to download and install the plugin.

  1. Log into your Confluence instance as an admin.

  2. Click the admin dropdown and choose Add-ons.

  3. Click Find new add-ons from the left-hand side of the page.

  4. Locate Advanced Codeblocks via search.

  5. Click Install to download and install your add-on.

  6. You're all set!

Note: If you are not already an Advanced Codeblocks customer, you will start a free 30 day trial. Be sure to purchase a license before your trial expires.

App licensing

For using the Advanced Codeblocks purchase a license in the Atlassian Marketplace that fits your Confluence Host edition.

If your trial is expired or without a valid license you can't use the Advanced Codeblocks app and it will show messages like in the screenshot below. Go to Troubleshooting for more information.

To retrieve detailed app license information, you can use the UPM REST API:

curl http://my.confluence/rest/plugins/1.0/confluenceadvancedcodeblockplugin-key/license \
-G -u admin:admin
"pluginKey": "confluenceadvancedcodeblockplugin",
"valid": false,
"error": "EXPIRED",
"evaluation": true,
"nearlyExpired": false,
"maximumNumberOfUsers": 10,
"maintenanceExpiryDate": 1555428785664,
"maintenanceExpired": true,
"licenseType": "DEVELOPER",
"licenseTypeDescriptionKey": "DEVELOPER",
"creationDateString": "Sep 29, 2115",
"expiryDate": 1555428785664,
"expiryDateString": "Apr 16, 2019",
"rawLicense": "AAABEA0ODAoPeNp9UE1Pg0AUvO+v...==X02dt",
"organizationName": "Atlassian",
"enterprise": false,
"dataCenter": false,

You can also use the UPM REST API to install a license:

curl http://my.confluence/rest/plugins/1.0/confluenceadvancedcodeblockplugin-key/license \
-X PUT \
-u admin:admin \
-H "Content-Type:application/vnd.atl.plugins+json" \
-d '{"rawLicense":"LICENSE_HERE"}'

App compatibility

Each app version is only compatible to a certain range of Confluence versions. This is due to the Rollforward-Release-Strategy and the ever changing plugin-API provided by Confluence. Go to Version history in the Atlassian Marketplace to see which app version is compatible to the respective Confluence version.

Note: If you want to use the latest Advanced Codeblocks version you need to upgrade to the latest version of Confluence.

App versioning & Release strategy

Starting with app version 1.6.0 we use semantic versioning with MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH for a comprehensible versioning scheme:

  • X = major version change
    Only changes when huge changes were made like a complete rewrite of the codebase.

  • X.Y = minor version change
    Indicates new features or compatibility changes to new Confluence version.

  • X.Y.Z = patch version change
    Used for small changes like bug fixing but nothing changes regarding compatibility issues.

The release strategy is roll-forward meaning:

  • Bugfixes will not be backported and only included in new releases.

  • Features will not be backported and only included in new releases.