Release Notes

2019-11-16 Confluence Server 6.15.1 - 7.3.x Confluence Data Center 6.15.1 - 7.3.x

New Features

  • [AC-15] Remove ContentPropertyManager and read MacroData directly from page Object (XHTMLContent)

  • [AC-14] Macros should respect OutBound Allowlist

  • [AC-13] Confluence 7.1, 7.2 and 7.3 with Java 11 Compatibility

  • [AC-17] Confluence 6.13 Server and Data Center Enterprise Release Compatibility

Fixed Bugs

  • [AC-16] Detect browser timeZone if none specified and support short TZ like HST for Pacific/Honolulu

Breaking Changes

  • Confluence Outbound Allowlist is now enforced! Meaning the Advanced Remote Codeblocks Macro now can only download remoteFiles if the URL is allowed by the Confluence Administrator in the Allowlist ([AC-14]).