Release Notes

2020-05-22 Jira Server 7.13.0 - 8.10.x Jira Data Center 7.13.0 - 8.10.x

Release Notes

New Features

  • [CE-91] Rework REST API Explorer to load swagger.json via REST Endpoint (SameSite Cookie Policy)

  • [CE-90] Jira 8.9 and 8.10 Release Compatibility

Fixed Bugs

  • [CE-92] Fix IE11 showing "Invalid DateTime" for Dates


  • breaking changes:

    • none

Release Summary

This release brings some bug fixes and Jira 8.9 and 8.10 compatibility.

We have reworked the REST API Explorer to now fully integrate into a 'normal' Jira page, and got rid of the old Servlet that was serving it. Therefore you now have to be logged in to view the REST API Explorer. Furthermore have we moved the endpoint serving the swagger.json (=REST API Specification Schema) to another location. It is now served in the same way as the other REST Endpoints via a JAX-RS REST Controller. This will fix the REST API Explorer for customers with very strict browser settings. If you have bookmarked the old REST API Explorer page you will be redirected to the new location automatically.

Lastly we fixed an IE11 bug regarding display of date times.