Release Notes

2020-03-21 Jira Server 7.13.0 - 8.8.x Jira Data Center 7.13.0 - 8.8.x

Release Notes

New Features

  • [CE-87] Jira 8.8 Release Compatibility

  • [CE-89] Auto-Truncate Event Log Job + Disable Event Log Setting

Fixed Bugs

  • -


  • breaking changes:

    • none

  • non-breaking:
    • [CE-89] REST API: new Auto-Truncate Event Log Job Endpoints

Release Summary

This release brings a new feature and Jira 8.8 compatibility.

You can now disable the Event Log completely or truncate it periodically. The automated Event Log truncation job can be configured on the Settings page under the Event Log tab.

To disable the Event Log completely you can toggle a new opt-in setting on the Settings page under the Global Settings tab.

With disabled Event Log setting the Event Log tab will show this notice.

We have also worked a little to improve the user experience on smaller screens. Jira has a min-width of around 1000px and on these sizes the app now renders correctly.