Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some collected frequently asked questions.

I am trying to drag-and-drop an option but after refresh it has not been moved?

That is most likely due to a damaged sequence of all or some options. (If you open the Browser-Developer-Toolbar you will see a HTTP 406 Not Acceptable Request). Try sorting the field alphabetically to restore the internal sequence numbering of all options. After that you can drag-and-drop again.

Why am I getting HTTP 403 FORBIDDEN via REST-API even though my credentials are right?

Most likely you repeatedly attempted to autheticate with the wrong password. Try logging into Jira in the Browser and resolve the CAPTCHA. Then you will be able to log in again via the REST API.

Why am I getting HTTP 405 via REST-API?

The REST Framework cannot find a suitable Endpoint for your request. Maybe you are trying to use PUT where you should use POST or any other invalid usage of an Endpoint.

Why am I getting HTTP 429 via REST-API?

Your Administrator might have activated Jira Data Center Rate Limit. Ask your administrator to adjust the Rate Limit.

How do contexts work?

Go to the User Guide to read all about Contexts.