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Get Started

Learn how to access the Release Info and create your first release summary.

Accessing Release Info

To get started - add the Release Info to your Confluence Page:

  1. Go to your Confluence Page and click edit.

  2. Select in the toolbar Insert more content > Other macros

  3. Now you can search for Release Info and should see both macros.

  4. Choose now between Release Info or Release Info Diff and select it by clicking.

Create your first release summary

To create your first release summary, follow the steps above and:

  1. Choose the Release Info.

  2. You will get to the Insert Release Info screen where you can adjust the parameters.

  3. For the beginning we use a demo release from this URL https://codeclou.io/test-maven-releaseinfo-macro/v1.6/public/example-release/1.5/pom.xml

  4. Then leave the HTTP username and password blank.

  5. Click on Insert.

In the preview you will already see the release summary if you click the 'preview-reload' button.

Now when saving the page it will look like so.


Congratulations. You have created your first release summary and can now explore the user interface.