Advanced Codeblocks
Extend your Atlassian Confluence with Advanced Codeblocks. The App renders and visualizes different codeblocks with replaced variables based on your templates from any source.
Feed your templates with variables.
Feed your templates with variables
Templates with variables make it easier to enter repeating code with different values. You can write your templates in any preferred programming language. Your variables will output the values you define in different sections of the config-block.
Advanced Codeblocks
Display your variants in codeblocks
Display your rendered template as multiple codeblocks with replaced variables on your Confluence Page. Each section of the config-block leads to a single codeblock. Enjoy the clear design and expand or collapse the codeblocks you want to see or not.
Display your variants in codeblocks
Color your code with syntax-highlighting.
Syntax highlighting
Color your code with syntax-highlighting. Automatic language detection supported.
Over 150 programming languages are supported.
Over 150 languages are supported including TypeScript, Go, Dockerfile, JSON, Markdown, Swift, Groovy and many more...
Download the variant you need of your code.
Direct download
Get what you need! Download single codeblocks with replaced variables (download icon), the raw template with variables (raw) or a list of links (xml).
Use the download feature also to download configs directly in your automated provisioning scripts.
Automated download
Use ddl feature also to download configs directly from Confluence in your automated provisioning scripts with e.g. curl or wget. Secured by default with Basic Auth and Page View Permission.
Advanced Codeblocks Remote
Got your template remotely?
Store your templates where you want, for example GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab or your private Webserver. You can load your remote templates from any source as long as they are accessible via http. Basic Auth and https supported.
Advanced Codeblocks Remote parameters.
Store your templates where you want for example GitHub, Bitbucket or your private Webserver.
The Advanced Codeblocks Remote is used for inserting the config-block directly in Confluence but the template from any source.
I can haz app?
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Download the Advanced Codeblocks App from the Atlassian Marketplace.