Contexts can be confusing - even to us - that's why we created this overview. Learn about contexts, customfields, projects, issue types and how they work together.

Understanding contexts

When using customfields you also often use contexts. But the interaction between customfields and contexts is sometimes confusing. Therefore we try to give you an overview about contexts here.

Using contexts allows you to change the values of a customfield by project and issue type. "A customfield can only have one context per JIRA project. So you cannot have multiple contexts for different issue types in the same project." We only get one context per Project, and one Global Context.

You can assign multiple contexts on customfields that bind to a project or certain issue types. Each context has its own default value and an isolated set of options. There is always a default/global context which only applies when there is no specific context defined for a certain project or issue type (XOR). Please read the Jira documentation on customfields and contexts.

Context types

Global contexts

  • There can be only one global context which is per default the "Default Context".

  • (Default) It applies to all projects and all issue types.

  • XOR It applies to all projects and certain issue types.

Contexts with associated Projects

  • A context can be associated to one or more projects.

  • BUT if a context is already associated to a project THEN no other context can be associated to this project.

  • By default such a context applies to all issue types of a project.

Contexts with associated Issue Types

  • A context can be further associated to certain issue types of a project.

  • BUT if you want to have a context that is associated to an issue type, then this is only possible when the context is also associated to a project! The same rules for unique project associations apply.

Context examples

The Default Contexts that applies to all projects and all issue types. (It is created by default)

A context associated to three projects and all issue types of that projects.

A context associated to one project and a certain issue type.