Audit Log

Learn how user interactions with the app are logged to the built in Jira Audit Log.

User interaction coverage

When normal users work on customfield options it can be very important to trace those changes. Enterprise companies often have compliance rules in place that need to be met. With app version 2.9.0 the Customfield Editor for Jira now logs user interactions to the Jira Audit Log by default. But be aware that the minimum Jira version supported is 8.8 and greater.

The following admin interactions are logged:

  • Granting permissions

  • Revoking permissions

Furthermore these user interactions are logged:

  • Adding option

  • Deleting options

  • Changing options

  • Sorting options alphabetically

  • Dragging options (=change sequence)

Lastly these interactions are NOT logged:

  • Changes to global App settings

  • Changes to event log retention job settings

  • Changes on all maintenance actions

  • Setting default option(s)

  • Deleting default option(s)

Audit Log explained

To view the Jira Audit Log go to Jira AdministrationSystemAudit Log. The Audit Log can be filtered by the string CustomfieldEditorForJira. All Audit Events link to either the Field Editor or the Permission Editor page of the field.

Opt-Out: Deactivate Audit Logging

Should you need the App to stop logging user interactions to the Audit Log you can opt-out via the global setting Disable Audit Log. Simply activate the setting and the App will stop logging events to the Audit log.