Extend your Atlassian Jira with the Customfield Editor. The App provides a Rest API and WEB-GUI to edit customfield options easily, granting permissions to empower users for editing customfield options without administrator rights or sync your external Data via REST API.


Be sure to select the corresponding version at the top of the left navigation. Current selected version is 2.19.0 and browse through the guides to get all information you need to start.


Use the Customfield Editor for Jira to:

Edit customfield options with the Field Editor

  • Create, edit and delete your customfield options and their children

  • Work on options: Order by drag-and-drop, sort alphabetically, set/unset default and enable/disable

  • Work on the global context or custom contexts

Make your life easier with delegated administration and use the Permission Editor

  • Empower users to manage customfield options

  • Grant global field permissions and context permissions

  • Assign permissions to single users and groups

Sync your external data easily via the Rest API

  • Create, edit or delete your customfield options from external data

  • The REST API also supports creating, updating and deleting contexts. Also setting default options and sorting options.

Supported Fields

  • Select List (single choice), Select List (cascading), Select List (multiple choices), Checkboxes, Radio Buttons

  • Multi-Level Cascading Select by Sourcesense

Note: Uninstalling the Customfield Editor for Jira app will not delete any customfields or options.