Release Notes

2019-12-26 Jira Server 7.13.0 - 8.6.x Jira Data Center 7.13.0 - 8.6.x

Release Notes

New Features

  • [CE-82] Jira 8.6 and PostgreSQL 10 Compatibility

  • [CE-83] Verify compatibility to DataCenter RateLimit for REST APIs

Fixed Bugs

  • -


  • breaking changes:

    • none

Release Summary

This release brings Jira 8.6 and Postgres 10 compatibility.

We have verified that the App works with activated Jira Data Center Rate limitations.

We did a lot of optimizations under the hood for our CI build chain which is now a lot faster. It builds and tests the App against the full version range of Jira and all supported databases in currently around 35min.