Release Notes

2019-05-25 Jira Server 7.13.0 - 8.2.x Jira Data Center 7.13.0 - 8.2.x

Release Notes

New Features

  • [CEP-70] Redesigned and reimplemented Frontend for new paginable, filterable and orderable Lists.

  • [CEP-51] Performance optimized data storage with fulltext-search, pagination for general Data Center ready performance.

  • [CEP-71] REST API new incremental Permission update Endpoint (HTTP PATCH)

  • [CEP-69] REST API new combined get customfield, context and defaultOption Endpoint (HTTP GET)

  • [CEP-72] REST API old full Permission update Endpoint (HTTP PUT) now enforces users must exist (returns validation errors if not).

  • [CEP-68] REST API user and admin customfield lists: Introducing paginable, filterable and orderable results. (backwards compatible but with deprecations)

  • [CEP-67] Jira 7.13, Jira 8.2 and Java 11 compatible

Fixed Bugs

  • -


  • breaking changes:

    • none

  • deprecations:

    • GET /user/customfields and /admin/customfields for old un-paginated results are deprecated and will be removed in future releases. See [CEP-68].

Release Summary

We worked really hard on this release and it brings a lot of improvements.

New CI, Logo and Documentation

We styled the App with a new logo, changed the colors to a modern look and reworked the documentation with better previous and next buttons.

Redesigned Frontend

The App has been completely migrated to ReactJS with AtlasKit.

In the Field Editor you can now search for customfield names, ids and descriptions. You can order the list by name, type and id. And see the associated issue types and projects for each context.

You can create, update, delete, order, sort options as you could before but it looks much smoother now.

In the Permission Editor you can now search for customfield names, ids and descriptions. You can order the list by name, type and id. And see the associated issue types and projects for each context. Furthermore can you quickly preview the existing permissions per context.

We removed the save buttons - all actions take effect immediately. You can now easily grant or revoke global or context permissions.

Reworked Data Storage

We now use real database tables with ActiveObjects so that we can query the database in more complex ways, see the Storage & Performance documentation for more details. In particular the following changed:

  • We store userKeys internally now because of GDPR. But the Api still uses userNames (so no changes for you).
  • Permission checks are now done via database queries and not in-memory anymore (data center performance).
  • Only existing users and groups can be set as permissions.
  • If you had a previous version of the app installed, all settings and permissions are automatically migrated to the new data format. During this process permissions for non-existing groups or users are discarded. You can safely roll-back to the 1.9.0 version without loosing permissions or settings.

We tested the App with Jira 8.0-8.2 and Java 11 against these database engines and versions:

  • PostgreSQL - 9.6.13
  • MySQL - 5.7.26
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2017 - 14.00.3049
  • Oracle Database 12c Standard Edition Release - 64bit Production

Reworked Settings with EventLog, Jobs and Data Migration Status

We reworked the Settings page and added tabs for some useful admin views.

  • Global settings
    Edit the Navigation Links Setting so you can hide navigation entries for non-administrator users.

  • Event Log
    The app needs to react to certain events in order to keep permissions and search-indexes up to date. The event log shows the events with triggered actions.

  • Migration Tasks
    When new versions of the app are released and internal functionality changes, Data Migration Tasks are executed. This is done to migrate data to a new storage format.

  • Data Storage
    Here you can see how many entries the app's tables have.

  • Jobs
    The app executes background processes as jobs when bigger tasks need to be performed.

Jira Data Center Support

This app is now technically performance optimized for Jira Data Center. But it has not yet been officially approved by Atlassian. This will be done by a followup release. We need to provide Atlassian with a fully documented high load performance test and answer 150 questions about the app. We are planning to have that done until September 2019.