Release Notes

2017-04-12 Jira 7.3.0 - 7.4.4 Data Center Compatible

New Features

  • [CEP-11] Introduced settings to hide navigation Links from non-administrator users. See Administrator Guide.

  • [CEP-12] Introduced display of firstname and lastname in Permission Editor instead of just username in userlist textfields.

  • [CEP-15] Plugin is now officially Jira Data Center compatible.

  • [CEP-INT-17] Jira 7.4 compatible

  • [CEP-INT-10] Internal Change: New Versioning Scheme, Release Strategy and Compatibility Explanations. See Download.

  • [CEP-INT-5] Internal Change: GUI now compatible to AUI 6

Fixed Bugs


  • Breaking changes if upgrading from v1.1!
    NO Breaking changes if upgrading from v1.2.*.
    See all Details in the Rest API Upgrade Notes.

  • [CEP-INT-8] REST API URL now equal to major version Because of [CEP-INT-10] and the new versioning strategy the REST API baseUrl has changed from /1.2 to /1.

  • [CEP-INT-8] Backwards compatibility to v1.1 removed.
    You have to use the current API Endpoint URLs and schemes as described in the API Docs.