Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions that I collected and find useful to share.



I am trying to drag-and-drop move an option but after refresh it has not been moved?

Reason: That is most likely due to a damaged sequence of all or some options. (If you open the Browser-Developer-Toolbar you will see a HTTP 406 Not Acceptable Request)

Solution: Try sorting the field alphabetically to restore the internal sequence numbering of all options. After that you can drag-and-drop move again.



Why am I getting HTTP 403 FORBIDDEN via REST-API even though my credentials are right?

Reason: Most likely you repeatedly attempted to autheticate with the wrong password.

Solution: Try logging into Jira in the Browser and resolve the CAPTCHA. Then you will be able to log in again via the REST API.



Why am I getting HTTP 405 via REST-API?

Reason: The REST Framework cannot find a suitable Endpoint for your request.

Solution: Maybe you are trying to use PUT where you should use POST or any other invalid usage of an Endpoint.



How do contexts work?

Solution: You can read our Context Documentation.



How do you perform releases?

Solution: You can read our Release Checklist.