Administrator Guide


The Customfield Editor for Jira enables normal users to edit options of a customfield without beeing part of the jira-administrators group.

Therefore the Jira administrator needs to grant permissions on customfields via the Permission Editor.

Permission Editor

To access the Permission Editor click on Issues in the Jira top navigation bar. In the drop-down click on Field Editor. Wait while the Field Editor page is loading. Now click on Permission Editor in the left side navaigation.

You will need jira-administrator privileges to open the Permission Editor.

List Fields

The List Fields page show all customfields. You can click edit on the list entry of customfields whose fieldtypes are supported by the Customfield Editor for Jira.

Permission Editor - List View Usage

Migration Status and Tasks

Since version 1.2.1 the app will execute Migration Tasks after the installation. If for some reason these tasks fail during post-install run you can execute them manually.

This short screencast shows you how to check the Migration Status and execute Tasks if necessary.

Permission Editor - Migration Status and Tasks

Edit Permissions

The Edit Permissions page allows you to grant permissions to single users or groups. Just click into the textfield and start typing, an autocomplete-dropdown will open that let's you select the username or groupname.

Since version 1.2.1 you can grant context specific permissions. Meaning you can grant a user or group only permission on one or more contexts of a customfield.

This screencast explains how to use the Permission Editor.

Permission Editor - Grant Permissions Usage