Release Notes

2021-11-01 Confluence Server 6.15.1 - 7.15.x Confluence Data Center 6.15.1 - 7.15.x

New Features

  • [AC-27] Confluence 7.14 and 7.15 Compatibility

Fixed Bugs

  • [AC-28] AC Remote: Allow Transfer-Encoding: chunked with 2MB limit

Breaking Changes

  • none

Release Summary

With this release we added support for Remote Macro to support remote file servers that use Transfer-Encoding chunked such as Bitbucket DC. When remote file servers send files this way, it is not possible to determine the filesize beforehand with HTTP HEAD. That is why we enabled the App to still download these files but read them chunkwise up until the 2MB limit. This way Confluence is still protected from out-of-memory errors and the Confluence admin can further limit the remote files being download via the Confluence Allowlist.

This flowchart shows the new implemented mechanism simplified.