Release Notes

2021-01-11 Confluence Server 6.15.1 - 7.13.x Confluence Data Center 6.15.1 - 7.13.x

New Features

  • [AC-22] Introduce Allowlist term (inclusive naming conventions)

  • [AC-23] Support for Personal Access Token (Confluence 7.9+) and Hardened REST API

  • [AC-24] Implement JSON download list

  • [AC-25] Confluence 7.11, 7.12 and 7.13 Compatibility

Fixed Bugs

  • -

Breaking Changes

Release Summary

With this release we implemented changes to naming conventions and compatibility to Personal Access tokens introduced with Confluence 7.9.

You can now use Personal Access Tokens to authenticate against the Advanced Codeblocks REST API.

For Example curl -I -H "Authorization: Bearer MyToken" http://confluence.srv/rest/advancedcodeblocks/1/download_list/xml will let you download a XML list of codeblock download links.

We have added a JSON version as well via curl -I -H "Authorization: Bearer MyToken" http://confluence.srv/rest/advancedcodeblocks/1/download_list/json.

Lastly we have changed some terms to inclusive naming conventions.