Release Notes

2019-05-15 Confluence Server 6.14.0 - 6.15.7

New Features

  • [ACBM-8] Confluence 7.0 EAP compatibility

  • [ACBM-9] Reimplementation of UI

    • New Logo and App name

    • New Frontend (AtlasKit)

    • New languages for syntax-highlighting

    • Implemented Theme Feature

    • Implemented Copy to Clipboard Feature

    • Implemented Display detected language Feature

    • Extended documentation with new terminology

  • [ACB-INT-73] Licensing Support for paid App

Fixed Bugs

  • [ACB-INT-69] HTTP Client should not download files larger than 2MB

With this version [v3.0.0] the Advanced Codeblocks for Confluence transitions to a paid App. We want the reasons to be transparent for you, so you can understand our motives:

The evolution

  • All started in 2013 with a small idea.

  • In 2015 the first version of the Advanced Codeblocks for Confluence was released to share this “milestone” with others.

  • In the last four years we have invested our spare time and a lot of work to improve the functionality.

What has changed for us

  • The reason for the free-to-paid transition is that developing is getting very time-consuming and cost-intensive for us.

  • The Advanced Codeblocks for Confluence enjoys great popularity and we already have new ideas. This made us found codeclou as a startup in January 2019.

That will change for you

  • We will invest more time in developing and extending the functionalities - so the main goal for 2019 is to achieve Data Center compatibility. With this version you already get an implemented fresh redesign with improved usability and new features like themes and copy to clipboard.

  • Since february 2019 you get support via the easy to use codeclou Service Desk that handles all support requests with better privacy. Here you can ask us anything, report bugs or address your feature wishes.