Release Notes

2015-10-03 Confluence Server 4.1 - 5.8.18 deprecated

New Features

  • New macro logos and modern layout for all macros. Tested and working in these browsers:
    • Safari® 8.0.6 (Mac OS®)
    • Chrome™ 43 (Windows®)
    • Firefox® 38 (Windows®)
    • Internet Explorer® 11 (Windows®)
    • Opera™ 30 (Windows®)
  • expandFirst toggle added. You can now expand the first codebox.
  • improved the DDL-List feature of the remote macro.
    • DDL-list XML-schema has changed. See the usage-guide for details
    • DDL-list shows no "dead" links anymore
    • DDL-list can only be viewed if the requesting user has the page view permission
    • DDL-list XML error response and status codes changed. See the usage-guide for details
  • All icons are now displayed using a custom webfont which leads to sharp print output and high-resolution support.
  • Print Enhancements. Everything that would only be visible in a tooltip is written out for print. Unuseful elements hide for print.

Fixed Bugs


  • After installation the caches will be renewed on page load of the Confluence® page.
  • All DDL and DDL-list links will change after installation. if you have some bookmarks somewhere you need to update them.