What we do
codeclou was founded in 2019 by two software engineers that strive for simplicity and high software quality. Our products often have their origin in necessity. We either fill need gaps or provide a more sophisticated solution. Our output varies from open-source, blogposts to enterprise-products. We are literally full stacked and craft our products in their entirety – ranging from designing, over wording, programming and publishing to maintaining.
We live for our work and are dedicated to lifelong learning. The most important things to us are enjoyment and spending our time with meaningful work. To fully leverage productivity we celebrate regular breaks and employ two furr-good-managers. We emphasize high grade and fair-trade coffee and an environment that facilitates creativity.
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Full Stack Web Developer who loves different programming languages and technologies.
JWannaivnaan HUerßß
Frontend and UX developer who is currently in love with styled components.
Furr-good Manager. Loves watching birds, telling awesome stories and finding bugs.
Purr-blic Relations Manager. Cares for tidiness and has enormous but soft paws.
Our Values
// codeclou products
const p = new Array(5);
p[0] = 'Quality before Quantity';
p[1] = 'Security by Design';
p[2] = 'Privacy by Design';
p[3] = 'Awesome Documentation';
p[4] = 'High Test-Rate';
// codeclou environment
const e = new Array(5);
e[0] = 'No Suits - No Bullshit';
e[1] = 'Nerdy by nature';
e[2] = 'sustainable development';
e[3] = 'low-carbon economy';
e[4] = 'transparency';